Airbnb Talks With URA For Clear Guidelines On Short Term Leasing

Airbnb has discussed with the Urban Redevelopment Authority to establish guidelines on short term leasing, as the home sharing site decided to help the travellers who like to rent their own properties.
Those guidelines include homeowners to share their properties or limit the number of days for short term rentals. This practice is carried out in countries like France and Netherlands.
These lists of rules will be taken into account to fulfill the customer needs. The set of rules is for the benefits of their own customers like in France, they said only primary homes as they are worried about the people taking inventory.
Current guideline in the Singapore state includes that the private homes allow for longer stays for more than six months and Housing and Development Board (HDB) are not allowed to let their homes for short term stays of tourists.
Concerns about privacy, safety and noise are rising as home sharing concepts get traction. URA conducted a public consultation in the month of January for getting the feedbacks whether the homes can be rented out for short stays. The consultation ended in the month of February. A URA spokesman told that the agency is reviewing the matter and when the details are ready, they will announce it soon.
Airbnb is one of the industries that give feedback to URA like information about travellers and the host details.
Besides helping Airbnb to get more bookings, giving a clear framework of short term rentals will help Singapore to tap into new portion of independent travellers.

The Study of Airbnb Rentals in Los Angeles Is Not Really What It Seems

Airbnb, the home rental company has experienced some minor attacks in Los Angeles, as the city marked some negative impact in the life of the people there.
The study reveals that the actual status of the home rentals in Los Angeles is not in a way that people think about it. The study acts as a major problem for the home rental site and Airbnb tries to misrepresent that.
The public announcement of Airbnb says that it was just an attempt in which their team of data scientists worked with UCLA Luskin school members of Public Affairs. They analyzed the completed data of Airbnb like the community survey data, publicly available census and the third party data to understand about the impact of the Airbnb in houses of Los Angeles.
The study is a familiar genre where the Airbnb and Uber issued this in a large bundle of papers and the reports are proprietary based data and any third parties couldn’t evaluate it. That is the case that shows Airbnb’s paper that focuses to describe that the incentives that the house owners gets for converting their properties in Los Angeles from Long term rentals to short term rental apertments is less.
The study is a challenge for a report that warned the transmission of large scale residential parts to tourist residents, as it brings more cost to Los Angeles including tighter market for housing,tax revenues,job loss and safety risks.

Different ways to use Airbnb safely

Airbnb, the apartment sharing website has been a good friend to millions of tourists across the globe. The company is known for its efficient service and is already making record breaking market revenue. Though it is a good friend, it could even be a worst enemy as well. Airbnb is known for a never ending list of controversies such as theft of personal property and sexual assaults. In order to stay protected, you need to follow certain rules.

  • Feel free to converse with your host before you arrive at the spot. Talk to the host and know better, it is never a crime to get to know about a person
  • It is always safe to do a small research on your apartment, check out the reviews and ratings before you make up your mind. Google map could be your best friend when it comes to the locations.
  • You have friends and they can help you when it comes to decision making! Always stick with the host that your friends and neighbors have previously chosen.
  • Do not forget to make note of the emergency contact numbers of your host’s location. It could be of great help, local police, fire department, and hospital service are MUST in the list.
  • Always try to stick with the STAY ON OWN option; try to avoid an apartment that would be shared with the host. It’s not a good idea guys, your host could be a possible psycho-path!
  • Let your friends and family know about the location of your host and always keep your phones ON.
  • Check whether your room can lock from inside because it could possibly help you from crime scenes, just kidding guys!
  • Make sure your apartment has a smoke detector and feel free to ask your host if it is missing.

Raleigh Looking For Stricter Airbnb Regulation

Airbnb provides an opportunity for travelers to book and stay in a place having the same atmosphere of a home. It now started its short term home rental services in Raleigh city. Raleigh regulated some new rules for the home rental company which allows the property owners of Raleigh city to rent a home under certain circumstances.

Staff members and council members have been discussing about certain regulations since its last drop, when a guest issued a complaint against the property owners who rent their home in Airbnb.

A group of branch commission has been inspecting the regulations for the past two months. The city believes that these new regulations will bring safety and trust for the travelers.

The regulation includes that the city property owners will be allowed to rent up to two rooms without getting any special permission from the city with the presence of on site manager. This rules, blocked the home rental services outside the ‘DX’ zoning district, which limits them to Downtown Raleigh.

This rule strengthened the renters who like to rent three or more rooms can rent their home only by paying fees and getting use permit from the city, providing parking facilities for the guests. This rule is applicable for those who seek to rent their rooms in duplex or triplex. All hosts required to install carbon and smoke detectors for the safety of guests.

The city also has an idea to differentiate short term rentals from boarding houses depending on the numbers of renter’s stay.

A Rise in Airnbnb’s service in Chicago

Airbnb, a home sharing company provides the facility for tourists to find the accommodation for cheap rates. It is rocking in the hospitality industry in various cities across the world.The company is growing by extending its services in more than 34000 cities across the world. It has signed up a deal recently to improve its security, where they provide users with certain guidelines about how to contact with property owners and how to pay money for their bookings.

There is an increase in the number of Airbnb users this year when compared to last year and its growth from Asia made it the company’s biggest market. According to the data from the home rental website, Airbnb is considered to have a good growth in Chicago.

The San Francisco based company Airbnb has released a one year study result about its growth in Chicago, which says that the Airbnb listings is populated in the city and more guests like to stay with Airbnb service.

By the end of June this year, Airbnb has 4550 hosts in Chicago market who hosted a number of guests in Lakhs. Those hosts have spread more than 70 neighborhoods in Chicago, getting an income in million dollars during the 12 months. Create a million dollar website like Airbnb now

One of the Chicago hosts, who hosted the guests for more than a year, got 8000 dollars in 77 nights. The number of Airbnb hosts is increasing every year with an increase in the number guests in Chicago 2014.

Airbnb Discloses Its Hottest Tourist Destinations in Asia

The tourism industry is trying to grab the customer’s attention through some of its hottest spots in Asia. Here is the list of the destinations:

Tokyo, Japan:

It is notable for its food and scenic beauty which makes it to be the first tourist spot in Asia. It has many theme parks, museums and many entertaining complexes which grab the travelers to choose the city for a tour. The city looks magical with its beautiful pink cherry blossoms.

Osaka, Japan:

It is known as Naniwa has a port which serves as a gateway to connect with advanced culture of China and Korea. It is surrounded with a number of restaurants, entertaining facilities and allows travelers to cruise in the Dotonbori canal to get a clear view of the city’s entertainment spot.

Seoul, South Korea:

It acts as a host of tradition and high advanced digital technology. Some famed attractions in the capital of South Korea include the famous shopping district myeongdong and Gyeongbokgung.

Bali, Indonesia:

Bali, the famous Island of Indonesia is an enchanter of the mind, body and spirit. The Kuta beach which is 5 kilometer long serves as a good place for romance and surfing especially for couples.

Kyoto, Japan:

Kyoto is considered to be an abstract of Asian haven. It is surrounded by royal palaces and glorious gardens which tempt the travelers to fall in love.

Bangkok, Thailand:

It is well known for its lively nightlife, weekend markets and street foods. By the combination of both traditional and modern ’city of Angels’, it brings an exciting feeling for the tourists.

Busan, South Korea:

It is well known for its port and brags about the longest river and largest beach. Travelers are availing of the seafood’s available in the Jagalchi fish market.

Jeju, South Korea:

It is a famous honeymoon spot because of its scenic beauty and romantic sunrise and sunset.



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

It welcomes millions of tourists from various parts across the world with its beauty of twin tower and KL tower.

Phuket, Thailand:

It is surrounded by cerulean waters and green hills where tourists can enjoy their beach hopping, boating or even space to a Treehouse.

Airbnb disrupts Hotel businesses

Airbnb, the hotel distribution network was found in 2008 by Brian Cheskey. The company’s huge inventory is what made it as a grand success. The website has a lot of listings in 190 countries and offers an opportunity to people to make money off their spare rooms. Private hotel services and many boutique hotels are finding it difficult to compete with the largest hotel distribution channel. A lot of critics feel Airbnb plays an unfair game and is stopping the traditional hotels’ growth.Airbnb website allows its users to list, search and rent lodgings, it provides freelancing jobs to its users. The service is now offered to business travelers as well. Many features have been added to grab attention from the corporate world. Brian Chesky is looking forward to expand its service in the areas that lack hotel facilities. According to sources, the company does not pay occupancy taxes and sales taxes like traditional hotel services and this would affect the spirit of the game. However, the hotel managers want the government to take a look at the issue and correct it before Airbnb completely takes them down.

The hotel management industry is already facing huge crisis due to Airbnb’s enormous growth. The company’s controversies would give temporary pleasure to the traditional hotels and boost its market revenue as well. Nevertheless, every private hotel wants the taxing system to be applied on Airbnb as well to make it a fair game. Sincere heartfelt condolence to the traditional hotels, definitely no sarcasm guys!  

French interior designer Sues Airbnb Service

A French interior designer, Zoé de las Cases has filed a case on Airbnb service for copying her home decor. The designer uses the service to rent her home; however, the designer has noticed Airbnb’s offices in San Francisco looked a lot similar to the French designer’s home interior. The agitated designer allegedly files a complaint on the service, reports the Mirror. Airbnb’s founder Brian Chesky did not seem to be bothered by the complaints.  The designer was even more furious when she found out the same pictures of her grandmother in the company’s shelf.

Personal souvenirs like holiday and present souvenirs were also reproduced in companies. The designer’s wallpapers that adorned her home were also found on companies’ walls but with slight modifications. Despite these serious allegations against the service, the company’s owner seemed to be quite relaxed and least bothered.The designer expected the service to approach her for the concerns before incorporating her home’s interior designs. But that did not happen and hence the frustrated designer has gone to the press for the issue’s coverage with right evidences in her hands. She submitted the pictures of her home and the company’s interior looks to the press.

The evidences were on her favor and the Airbnb service still didn’t turn up to the accusations that were charged upon them. However, the press is waiting for the response from the service’s side. The designer promised she would never back off from the issue until she gets the right reply from Airbnb!

Airbnb Island vacation

Searching for a best vacation spot?

The online home rental site Airbnb has revolutionized the way how vacation rentals get booked in southwest Florida. Here is the list of some highest rated places on the site for which you are looking for.

Siesta key apartment:

Lot of guests decided to list their homes on the site and found success after having a good experience using Airbnb service. Guests are getting admired with a place by its location. They have their private entrance into this paradise and the landlords make sure to pamper them with care providing all the facility they need like, shopping, beach, everglades and many more.

Ohana Hale North:

This is a beach island home which provides the guests with bright and heartwarming atmosphere for guests who plan for a getaway. It is one of the eight area location owned by a palmetto couples where it has a pastel color scheme chosen by the landlord’s daughter which made this place attractive.

Mid century modern:

A home with modern furniture attracted its guests with sleek interior decorations. The owner stays here all winter, but rents the place from May to December. The house owner found the guests delighted to stay besides the strip rental complexes and cookie cutter subdivision and the guests can expect it to be maintained in top conditions.

Vintage beach trailer:

This home painted in Caribbean and lay down with bamboo flooring made this place rich and beautiful. The Airbnb hosts allotted time to pamper the guests by providing easy-to-prepare meals for those who check in late at night with fresh flowers decorated in table.

Airbnb targets business travelers with basic necessities

According to Global Business travel, business travelers spent 292 billion on road last year. The expenses have now increased when compared to the last year’s expenses. Hence it is not a big surprise that Airbnb service is trying to attract the business travelers to increase its revenue by offering many exciting offers and deals. But 10% of the service guests are travelling around the world for business purposes. Airbnb is trying different tactics to make the business travelers to choose short term housing rental instead of checking into a hotel room. The San Francisco based company came up with new features to attract the business people crowd by offering them wireless internet connection, hair dryer and an ironing board. This has received a loud welcome from the service users.

The Airbnb hosts cannot cancel the short term housing rental to the business travelers within seven days of check-in time. Despite all these handy and convenient features from the service, the business travelers still doubt the security concerns and potential risks of the short term housing rental. Mike McCormick, executive director announced that travel managers for big companies have no issues on major hotel chain holding the responsibility of traveler’s mishap or injury. But there is no evidence on how much security a business will expect if a traveler is hurt or injured at home rented through short term housing rental service. If you are travelling for your own pleasure, it’s a different case, but if the business is paying the bill for you, then it’s completely a different story!